This month join the initiative to be plastic free for the month of July.  On the Northern Beaches of Sydney,  plastic is a real hazard to marine life and coastal species.  The average sea bird has 55 different types of plastics in their stomachs which causes blockages and a prolonged, painful death.  Turtles and marine mammals will eat plastic bags and discarded balloons mistaking them for food such as jellyfish. It is estimated 8 million tonnes enter the oceans per year.

We can all do it. Pick up plastic when you are walking or at the beach or on your own footpath.

Making a real effort to cut down on plastic also makes us think about what food we eat. Less take aways and plastic containers. Less supermarket food and more from the farmers market and green grocer?  Take a keep cup and drink bottle with you in your bag/ car and plan ahead instead of eating or drinking on the run.

We are particularly asked to cut down on plastic bags, straws, plastic drink bottles, takeaway coffe cups and unreusable plastic items. Glass and metal can also be used instead of plastic containers and make your food taste better also.  Think what is also inside the box when you purchase any items!

Telling people in stores that you are joining in plastic free July when they are offering you packaging is also an interesting conversation starter and another way of spreading the message.  

Plastic Free July started in Perth and is now a global initiative in 83 countries. It can be the start of a different way of looking at things. It may change your consumption and usage habits for a lot longer than 31 days!


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