• Kimbriki EcoHouse and EcoGarden (map)
  • Kimbriki Rd
  • Ingleside, NSW, 2101
  • Australia

This 2-day course is for anyone interested in sustainable, healthy ways of living, growing your own food, or organics.  

An Introduction to Permaculture course covers the key ethics and principles of permaculture and outlines basic permaculture design techniques such as zoning, site analysis, and climatic factors.  You will leave looking at your house, garden and the landscape in a different way!

The Kimbriki site is a demonstration model of permaculture including gardening, composting, recycled building materials, native bees, sustainable buildings and more.
Join us and be inspired!


  • PETER RUTHERFORD: Senior ecologist at Kimbriki
  • MICHELLE SHEATHER: International ecologist, sustainable agriculture advocate
  • TASS SCHMIDT: Businesswoman and biological farmer. 

Bookings are essential contact: elle232@gmail.com  Phone: 0417241371

COST: $335
$290 for PSN members, pensioners and student, discounts available upon request.

enrol before Aug 1st -  $250