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WHEN: Sunday 6th October, 1PM or 12:15pm at Church Point ferry wharf- BRING A PLATE TO SHARE for lunch

DETAILS: Help a permaculturist design an 850 square meter block that is currently a blank canvas - help with design ideas while learning more about permaculture design with like minded people. 

- Looking for advice re zones, and types of things to plant where

- Looking for advice re placement of Chickens and bees

- Looking for general advice on how to shape the property, while retaining a natural bushland look;-)

- Septic system, about to be moved to subsurface irrigation… so would be good to know where best to place the irrigation

- Also desperately need privacy screening from neighbours and road, while retaining as much sun and view as possible

- Survey map can be provided.

GETTING THERE: Ferries run from Church Point Ferry Wharf at half past the hour (so there will be one at 12:30). Alternatively you can catch a Water Taxi (which, if you have 6 people, ends up being cheaper than the ferry). The wharf you need to get off at is Eastern Wharf.  We will meet at Church Point ferry wharf at 12:15pm.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE RSV BY OCTOBER 1 TO: Iza at  ifoster@colonialfirststate.com.au