The next PNB seed circle will be Bungan Edible Sanctuary on 19th June at 2pm. It is the day before Winter Solstice and a full moon. We will also be sharing mead (jun and kumbucha) probiotic drinks this month.

The seed circle is for exchanging seeds amongst the group and excess seeds are available by donation at our monthly PNB meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Nelson Heather Centre at North Narrabeen. For this month's circle please bring one or more of the following:

  1. Seeds to swap, homegrown by you or a friend OR
  2. Mead (or kombucha or jun) – homemade if possible OR
  3. Cake/biscuits – homemade and nutritious!

Venue:  Bungun Edible Sanctuary - garden tour including aquaponics at 1pm

RSVP is essential or for further information on our seed savers group contact:  Address will be provided via email.