• Nelson Heather Community Centre, Banksia Room (map)
  • 5 Jacksons Road
  • North Narrabeen, NSW, 2101
  • Australia

Transitioning to a Sustainable Abundant Economy

The Mission: Abundance, For All, Indefinitely.

To be alive today is to be a participant in the greatest epoch of change our species has witnessed. How are exponential technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Augmented Reality, Sensors, and Synthetic Biology shaping this transformation?

At the core of this development is how we choose to govern ourselves, defined by our Socio Economic system, currently dominated by Market capitalism, Central Banking and Fiat Currency.

The evolution of science has led to technological advancement which has radically increased the standard of living. As the result of applying the scientific method to our Core requirements for survival, increased levels of efficiency and prosperity have resulted. We are also faced by the greatest challenges of our time, in which lie vast potential for positive metamorphosis.

Our current system is based on infinite growth on a finite planet. The evidence that to stay on our current trajectory will result in a systemic collapse, is ample.

The time to create a new, science based, sustainable socio economic system is now. One that transcends debt, artificial scarcity and the destruction of our environment for the sake of Gross Domestic Product. So what would that look like and how do we get there?

Join Puundii the Re-Evolution Panda and Tashi PNB Fair Share team leader, for an exploration of the creation of an Abundant, Sustainable Socio Economic System.

Please bring a plate of food to share and/or items for the swap table such as plants, pots, books, household items.  Organic teas and coffee available.  Entry is by donation. All welcome!

This image is of vertical gardens in Singapore.