• Narrabeen Tramshed Communty Centre (map)
  • 1395 Pittwater Road
  • Narrabeen, NSW, 2101
  • Australia

Native bees are a critical part of our biodiversity as pollinators of native fauna and foods. Their numbers are impacted due to the use of insecticides and pesticides in public spaces and in gardens. Tonight we hear about an initiative to help our bees thrive.

Sophia Kloosterman is involved in building Sydney's 'B & B Highway' . 'B & B' stands for 'Bed and Breakfasts for Bees, Birds, and Biodiversity'. These B & Bs or ‘pollen booths' are located across Sydney to provide year-round pollinating plants for native stingless beehives and insect hotels to create habitat for our threatened pollinators. 

Sophie works with FoodFaith alongside the Department of Education to implement the B & Bs into schools and to incorporate a citizen science initiative for the identification and generation of pollinator data. The aim is to transform Sydney’s urban environment into a landscape where bees can thrive and oases of restorative ecologies.  

Entry is by donation ($5 is recommended) all are welcome!

Organic teas and coffees available bring a plate to share food or swap plants, books, CDs, items for your home or garden.