• Mona Vale

Sandcastle Permaculture Garden, 20 Philip Rd, Mona Vale.
Sunday May 5th is International Permaculture Day and Permaculture Northern Beaches is hosting a guided tour and workshop at Sandcastle Permaculture Garden in an innovative and inspiring garden in Mona Vale. This backyard urban farming project is designed and constructed by Paul Cannings, an ecologist, urban farmer, permaculture designer.

There will be a guided garden tours from 1pm; a practical workshop on biochar at 2pm ; and firing up of a cob pizza oven from 3pm to celebrate International Permaculture Day.

What is covered in the tour: 
- How to construct your own garden with 75% recycled materials.
- How to create your own homegrown organic soil in an urban environment. 
- How to create low maintenance, water efficient food production systems to grow your organic food
- How to create native frog habitat to encourage pest control 
- How to turn food waste into organic soil using chickens, worm farms and composting.

Get inspiration for your own gardens at the Sandcastle Permaculture Garden that includes the following features.

- Over 100 varieties of edible and medicinal plants. 
- Three Large organic Perennial fruit and annual veggie beds. 
- Three water efficient wicking beds. 
- Freshly laid play lawn
- Edible Fruit Trees including macadamia.
- Native Edible Food Forest
- Native habitat forest
- Chicken House and run area with 10 chickens. 
- Large composting area.
- Worm Farms
- Native Bee Garden
- Native Frog Pond
- Fire Pit. 
- Cob Pizza Oven with Outdoor Kitchen 
- Outdoor Sink with Banana Circle
- Courtyard Fountain
- Fernery
- Medicinal Herb Courtyard
- Garden/Greenhouse Shed
- Seedling raising greenhouse. 

Open garden to the public at 1pm
Biochar workshop at 2pm. 
Wood fired Pizzas 3-6pm.

Entry is by donation and/ or organic food for toppings on the pizzas.

Please email Michaellancaster82@yahoo.com for bookings and details of the Biochar workshop.

Paul has an infectious passion for the environment, urban farming through his organisation garden ape and sustainable living. He currently designs urban spaces that reconnect humans with plants through food production and creating wildlife habitat. He is also a public speaker, educator and an environmentally conscious garden ape. With over 15 years experience as an environmental educator.

Nearest bus stop is Bungun Beach on Pittwater Rd. Please note parking will be further up the street. Entry is by donation.