Spring is just around the corner!

Come join us in the living skills workshop & learn how to make your own Eco beauty products.

After winter’s hibernation, it's time to let our old skin shed & revitalize it with our fresh organic skincare range.

With an experienced living skills team member showing you a step by step guide you will then be able make these Eco products for your own use at home.

Spaces are limited, workshop cost is $25 for PNB members and $30 for non-members. Please book your place by email to: lorette.dyson@gmail.com

Interesting facts!!

Did you know we absorb up 60% on what we put on our skin? And children absorb up to 50% more than adults! They are at a higher risk for diseases later on in life when exposed to toxins.

Did you know the average woman uses at least 12 products daily and the average man uses at least 6? Therefore exposure to around 168 unique chemicals per day just through skin alone!

This is part of our Living Skills initiative for a non-toxic lifestyle.