The Warringah Council Schools “Bee Friendly” Design Competition Warringah Council in conjunction with Permaculture Northern Beaches is pleased to announce the

2014 Primary Schools Competition to Design a Native Stingless Bee Hive 

Win a native stingless Beehive installation for your school!


Did you know that there are over 1500 species of bees native to Australia? While we usually think of the more famous European and American bee cousins, our native bees are the unsung heroes in our food system, tirelessly working to pollinate the flowering plants that produce our food.

We know that the most famous pollinators of agricultural crops -­‐ the Western honeybee – is suffering increased incidents of disappearance, or colony collapse. These critical farm workers are in short supply now and in danger of vanishing. Without our pollinating friends, many of our food crops will too disappear – from fruit and nut trees, to berries, watermelon, pumpkin, tomatoes, peas, beans and more. That’s why now is time to cultivate awareness and healthy habitats for our more resilient native bees.

Competition Details

  • Objective: Design a home (hive) for attracting and keeping native social stingless bees that is suited to your particular school environment and takes into account the health, wellbeing and longevity of the bees. 
  • Suggested mediums: The design needs to be presented either on paper; board or digitally – this is not an actual physical build of the design itself, but rather the design plan and explanation of the hive and its elements. Suggested mediums include pencil, crayon, pen, paints and / or digital media. 
  • Design criteria: Submissions should incorporate design features necessary for the healthy functioning of a hive and include; o Weatherproofing o How the bees will enter and exit the hive o How it will be positioned to enjoy partial sun o How the hive will be elevated to keep it out of reach of animals o An indication of the type of flowers the bees are attracted to and how / where those flowers can be planted.
  • Dates: Entries need to be submitted by 5th December 2014. Post originals to: Permaculture Northern Beaches Po Box 1145 Chatswood NSW 2067. After judging, entries can be collected at the January 2015 PNB Public Meeting. Date and time TBA. 
  • How many entries per school: Each school can submit one entry for each grade/year level. Each entry needs to be signed off by the school principal. 
  • Prizes: We have two native stingless beehives to award to the two best school submissions. 
  • Judging: A judging panel will be assembled from Warringah Council and Permaculture Northern Beaches. Judging will take place on December 9th at Kimbriki. To ensure any grade / level has the chance of winning; consideration will be given to the age grade/level of each submission. Entries need to demonstrate an understanding of the design elements for the physical hive and environment and supporting conditions that result in a successful, thriving native beehive.





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