Wow, last nights' event was huge!

A great homage to the importance of cultivating organic soil... not just for great food, but to address soooo many of our challenges. 

It was deeply moving to hear of the story of our PNB Assistant Coordinator & Kimbriki Senior Ecologist, Peter Rutherford, in turning his life from conventional farming to educator in Organic practices, and massively encouraging to hear of him being on the verge of launching huge projects in the Northern Beaches area... the man to watch!

Costa held the crowd amazingly, and entertained us all while giving away some GREAT prizes. Meanwhile, Graeme's expansive knowledge about our current environmental predicament, and passion in delivering his incredibly insightful action plan filled the room... and seemingly overloaded the system when all of our electricity was cut close to the finale :).

A great night of inspiration and promise for the Northern Beaches, to put the wind into our sails for all the events to come....

A massive thanks to the Kimbriki team and PNB volunteers to help make it happen. Hit Get Involved if you want to join us as a volunteer at the next big PNB bash...  

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