Plastic Free July started as a small initiative in Perth WA and has now grown into a global movement. Each July people give up single use plastics as a minimum as their contribution to cutting down on waste. This is in particular straws, take away coffee cups, “disposable”plastic bags and food containers. Plastic is a petroleum product and does not break down in landfill or the natural environment. It is with us forever.

There are many ways you can cut back on your household waste from foods to fast fashion to single-use plastics. There are easy reusing and up-cycling options. In many cases you do not need to use these materials in the fist instance as many healthier, safer, and environmentally friendly alternatives exist.

On a global scale, most waste ends up in landfill and contributes to green house gas emissions while plastic pollution is a serious threat to our ocean and waterways. The production process for plastics is also carbon intensive and polluting.

If you would like to know more for cutting back on waste for Plastic Free July come to a workshop on June 30 at 1pm at Narrabeen Tramshed Centre at 1395 Pittwater Road with Kellah Lam, long term Zero Waste guru. For bookings please contact:


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