Coordination Team | campaigns: Matt Wilson (WITH Tashi Martell back up) 
communications: Elle Sheather (WITH Murray Watts back up), & MARIA CLAVEROL

  • The Coordination team is responsible for setting strategic direction for the group and facilitating its development.
  • Assure monthly Committee meetings occur on schedule so as to organise PNB’s activities and directions. Oversees the overall scheduling and direction of the activities for the group.
  • Act as designated representatives of the group when  needed.
  • Provide support to the Committee Members and Team Leaders as needed.
  • Are the main liaison points for the parent body Permaculture Sydney North (PSN).

Assistant Coordinator | Maria Claverol + GENERAL HELPER MAVOURNEE GEORGESON

  • The Assistant Coordinator provides assistance and advice to the Coordination team and to the Committee.
  • Convenes or attends meetings and events for the coordination team.
  • Acts as the representative of the group or attends functions on behalf of the Co-ordination team or the Committee.
  • Works collaboratively on PNB projects as designated.

Membership Secretary | TARA WALKER & MARIA MOY (HELPER)

  • Oversees the PNB google group and is responsible for the upkeep of all email google group lists for PNB. Sends a welcome email to new members of the google group list.
  • Organises the agenda prior to the monthly PNB Committee meetings and distribute agenda 5 days in advance of committee meetings.
  • Oversees minutes and action points from committee meetings and other relevant information from the Committee meetings. Distributes the monthly Committee meetings within a week of the meetings including to the PSN website

Finance and Fundraising Team Leader | Yolanda Butler & Suk Fun (Helper)

  • The Finance & Fundraising Team Leader coordinates the identification and pursuit of ethical fundraising opportunities for the group by the Finance & Fundraising Team.
  • Collates any membership and other monies collected at PNB events or activities and deposits the funds into the PSN account.
  • Supports the PNB Committee to identify and apply for suitable funding grants to deliver special projects or to support existing key functions of the group. Provides the Committee with a monthly update on the financial health of the group and supports project teams with budgeting.

Education Team Leader| Cathy Natoli

  • The Education Team Leader coordinates the delivery of an educational presentation for the group meetings each month including speakers, panels, film nights etc. Oversees the front desk team and sign in team at the meetings.
  • Identifies potential speakers for the group at least three months in advance of the meetings.
  • Works closely with the publicity and communications team leader to assure the education events are well publicised and communicated.
  • This role is currently under review as to how to maximise our monthly meetings for the benefit of our membership and public.

Events Team leader | Matt Wilson

  • Coordinates the selection, planning and management of stalls and similar educational and promotional opportunities for the group. This includes organising volunteer rosters for PNB events.
  • Develops themes, materials and merchandise to promote at special events and stalls.
  • Coordinates the International Permaculture Day activities in May each year.

Permatours and Permabees Team Leaders | Pete Kegel and Michael Lancaster

  • Coordinates the planning & delivery of approximately one or two permaculture tour/s or permabee/s each month in cooperation with the PNB Committee.
  • Identifies and arranges educational tours and workshops to support areas of key interest and learning for the group.

Publicity Team Leader | MATIAS FUENZALIDA

  • Develops a strategy and oversees the publicity for PNB in 2015 including special events, meetings, workshops and tours. 
  • Liaises with media contacts as necessary to promote PNB activities including news releases. 
  • Builds on the PNB contact list for development and use for at PNB events.
  • Works closely with the communications, events, and education team leaders.

Communications Team Leaders | Elle Sheather & Murray Watts

  • Writes or co-ordinates the monthly newsletter report to PSN and the monthly PNB What’s on.
  • Oversees or writes key pieces of communication for the website, social media, or other publicity or communications materials.
  • Assists with editing key PNB materials.
  • Maintains an overview of all communications materials and issues for PNB.

Bee Team Leader | Dan Smailes & KIRI KIMBI (HELPER)

  • Coordinates an active bee (native and European bees) project team in 2015. Provides services and support to PNB on colony production, hives, and caring for bees.  Provides information through workshops, speakers, online and other areas such as call outs (e.g. boxing of hives, swarms).
  • Liaises with community gardens; liaises with WildThings on hive distribution and native bee hive support.
  • Promotes PNB honey through PNB membership and elsewhere.

Seed Saving Team Leader | Angela Penn & JJ Saraswati (HELPER)

  • Builds up an active seed saving team inside PNB and maintain and grow a seed storage library for use by members.
  • Arrange for speakers, events, and workshops on seed saving as appropriate. Build up the seed saving section on our website and social media.
  • Exchange information and seeds among team members.

Living Skills Coordinator | Burcu Tekin 

  • Prepares a Living Skills program including - workshops, events, speakers on topics such as fermentation, healthy cooking, making of non-toxic cleaning products etc. This assists members to learn a range of home craft skills to enable them to become more self-reliant and creates more energy efficient, sustainable households.
  • Coordinates with other organisations on the above as necessary. Provides information on Living Skills issues and events to PNB via website, social media, and hard copy.

Northern Beaches Council Liaison Officers | Kiri Combi and Rachel Dryden

  • Liaises with Councillors, Council Staff, and relevant appointed reference groups from Warringah Council to facilitate communications and mutually beneficial initiatives.
  • Comments on key proposals from Warringah Council and draw this to the attention of the group as appropriate.
  • Liaises with key contact people from local Community Gardens, environment centres or similar in the Warringah Local Government Area to ensure that opportunities and initiatives to promote permaculture are pursued.

Fair Share Team Leader | Tashi Martell

Helpers for committee overall - Kesh Ratnavibushena and Yallith Ratnavibushena

  • Collates key information on ethical investment initiatives for PNB.
  • Provides fair share materials on the PNB website and social media and hard copy.
  • Arranges for speakers and workshops on fair share and equity issues
  • Liaises with other organisations on the above
  • Develops this program of activities within PNB in 2015 and discuss its development at PNB Committee meetings.