International Permaculture Day is annually celebrated around the world on the first Sunday in May. It is Australia's best export!  Join us on the Northern Beaches for three inspiring open garden tours as well workshops on aquaponics, coffee making, bee keeping and much more.

*** Please note! This event is on SUNDAY, not Saturday as incorrectly printed in the Manly Daily  ****


Please start this fantastic day at easily the biggest permi garden around! This humungous garden is set on the beachtop headland, spanning three properties, and consists of a vast array of fruit trees, huge raised beds, chickens, worm farms, self watering systems, honey and native bees and a huge pool to pond conversion with over 200 trout.

  • 10am-10.30am - AQUAPONICS TALK with Charlie Bacon from ECOLICIOUS  - 7 Beach Road, Newport

Aquaponics refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. Ever wanted to grow your own fish to eat, harvest your veges and have it almost completely sustainable, well now you can with this amazing system. Please join Charlie and the Bungan crew around the pool for this interesting talk, we may even get time to throw a line in.

  •  10.30 - 11.30am - PNB SEED SAVERS MEET, GREET AND TALK - 7 Beach Road, Newport

Join the crew to learn and talk in the ancient art of saving seeds , Bring your own, swap and buy seeds all grown locally.


  • 12.00-12.45 - GARDEN TOUR with Matt Wilson - 22 Minmai Rd, Mona Vale

Another fantastic garden with over 35 fruit and nut trees, a lot of them exotic. A unique sloping block with an aquaponcis system built into the landscape, chickens, ducks, ponds plus bee hives scattered throughout the garden. The bonsais are maintained by intergraded water systems and it also keeps the veges from drying out. Loads packed in, come check it out.

  • 12.45- 1.30 - HONEY BEE TALK with HONEY I'M HOME - 22 Minmai Rd, Mona vale

Join award winning honey experts Mark and Caroline on a talk about bees and honey! How they make it? Why? The importance of pollination and the state of our bees. Bring your questions and take home some local raw honey.

  •  1:30 - 2pm - INTRO to NATIVE BEES with BEE YOURSELF - 22 Minmai Rd, Mona vale

'Keeping native bees is a safe, enjoyable and low maintenance hobby that everyone can take up and help reverse the decline of pollinators through conservation.' Sarah Hamilton - Bee Yourself -


  • 2pm-3pm - GARDEN TOUR - 2 Samuel Street, Mona Vale

Just up the road lies our final garden , another hugely productive level garden with numerous established fruit trees all bearing fruit. Dragon fruit, pomegranate and persimmon just to name a few.  a vast array of veges but a spectacular coffee hedge laiden with beans is the true attraction.

  • 3pm-4pm - COFFEE TALK - 2 Samuel Street, Mona Vale

Why do we pay $4.50 for a coffee? Because there actually is a load of work involved before that sweet nectar hits our lips, come and learn how to harvest, dry, shell, roast, grind and FINALLY pour the perfect coffee. With a professional barista on call all day to serve it up, this hands on experience will be one to remember.

  • 2pm – 5pm TIME TO PARTY! - 2 Samuel Street, Mona Vale

So bring the kids, let them dance to the live music in the garden, enjoy a wine or a cuppa, talk to experienced gardeners from Permaculture Northern Beaches who will be available at the permaculture stall, along with other various stalls, fun kids activities, plant sales, raffles and many more.


  • Get involved with Permaculture & your community on the Northern Beaches!
  • Please note the gardens opening and closing times as there will be a strict “gates closed” policy, except the last one, which may run into the night…
  • Entry to gardens is by donations with all proceeds going back into your community group Permaculture Northern Beaches