• Narrabeen Tramshed Arts and Community Centre, Berry Hall (map)
  • 1395 Pittwater Road
  • Narrabeen, NSW, 2101
  • Australia

For over 30 years Nicole Lamarche has been known as the “godmother of natural dye” .Her quest for all natural colours has led her to exotic destinations from Africa to New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, and Taiwan to discover many indigenous cultures, traditions, and techniques using natural dyes.

Nicole Lamarche, who is based in France, discovered natural dye through her passion for designing theater costumes. Infused with ancestral and multicultural know-how, learn how to make natural dyes from plants, flowers, and berries using traditional methods to extract and create different shades and colours.

During the evening you will learn:

- What textiles to use for natural dyes

- How to prepare the textiles

- How to make mordants? (Ash water, lemon water, bicarb soda, Iron (Ferrous Sulphate)

- How to make colour swatches (a video demonstration) 

- Nicole's research into the natural colours of local plants on her trip to Australia

- What tannin plants to use for fixing colours

- Different techniques of natural dye. Steaming, printing, drawing, boiling 

- Nicole will bring lots of natural dye samples to the evening and explain her techniques for achieving particular colours. 

Join us for one evening only with Nicole Lamarche - not to be missed!!

Bookings are essential: cathy_natoli@hotmail.com Cost: $25 for PNB members and $35 for non-members.