Welcome to the new discussion forum for Permaculture Northern Beaches. 


The Grapevine is PNB's new web-based discussion forum, to replace the email-based discussion.  


The PNB group email list has served us well for the last few years. But as the group has grown, so too as the volume of email and the need for a better discussion forum  – one that can grow with us without flooding everyone's inboxes.  

What is the difference?

  • The forum is web-based, not email-based.
  • No more email overload, but you can still get email notifications for threads you start, reply to, or watch.
  • Integrated with the PNB website to provide a seamless experience,
  • Easily discoverable for new users.
  • Full history, so valuable contributions are not lost, and old threads can be picked up again
  • Channels, so you can filter to topics relevant to you. 
  • Search, so you can find what you're looking for. 

Who can use IT?

Everyone! PNB members and non-members alike. For non-members, the forum is a great introduction to Permaculture Northern Beaches. If you're not yet a member, check out the benefits of membership.  You don't need to login to read the Grapevine. 


To post to the Grapevine, you'll need to login with a Google or Facebook account, or create a new Muut account (Muut is the forum provider).  Logging in is necessary, to keep your identity, get email notifications for your threads, and we can keep out those nasty spam-bots.  


Units of discussion are called threads, in which users post their writings. Within each thread, the starting post as referred to as the seed post

Threads can be organized into channels  just like how you sort your files into your own folder structure. It’s straightforward: each channel can contain any number of threads, and/or any number of sub-channels. 

CAN I STILL get email notificationS?

Yes! When you create a new thread or post a reply, you'll get email notifications when anyone replies.

You can also manually opt in to watch any thread by clicking the eye icon.

The email will link to the post that triggered the notification, but subsequent posts won’t trigger further emails until you visit that link. So no more flooding your inbox for every reply.

Ready to start?

Head back to the Grapevine to get started.

Still have questions?

Contact info@permaculturenorthernbeaches.org.au